Love Thy Trainer

by NAA

I have been looking forward to today all week. Today was supposed to get up to 5 degrees C – the highest high temp we’ve had in a while here in Graz, and for me, this meant the promise of a nice long ride outside.

I planned the route, smugly sipping my morning coffee and indulging in spiteful thoughts about the trainer. Today I would not have to make friends with my trainer, or think of ways to keep my mind off everything else in the world I would rather be doing. Today, I could legitimately dislike the trainer, because today I would not need it.

Then it snowed. Lot’s of otherwise lovely snow. In the words of Simon and Garfunkle, Hello trainer my old friend . . .

I had to switch gears and mentally take back all of the malicious things I had just thought about the trainer. This took a while (about two more cups of coffee). Frankly, I had not made much progress, but this was okay, because it stopped snowing and started melting.

Mental gear shift number two: motivate for a cold, wet ride. I figured it would be safe, considering how quickly the light dusting of snow seemed to be melting. I layered up and ventured out.

Have you ever had a three hour ice cream headache? I don’t recommend it. I found myself stuck in a thick freezing fog, with about 25 meters visibility. It was actually quite beautiful, the way the fog froze to the delicate branches of every tree and shrub in fields of snow, but I couldn’t stop to admire or take photos. In fact, I had to ride a hard tempo to avoid losing feeling in my hands (feet were long gone less than 20 min into the ride). Thankfully, all of the bike paths and roads were well salted, so even though my water bottle froze, I didn’t encounter much ice.

When I got home, I drank a cup of tea and waited for my pinky toes to change from purple to white before getting in the shower, lest they explode on contact with the warm water.

Purple toes. I can add this to the (short) list of reasons I like my trainer.