Home Means Nevada

by NAA

Home means the hills

Home means the sage and the pines . . .

As most of you know, I grew up in the high desert of Reno, Nevada. We used to sing this song in elementary school, and it still brings to mind the beauty of the desert that shaped much of my early career as an athlete. When I lived there, I was a competitive swimmer, so returning as a cyclist means I get to rediscover everything from my bicycle.

The Reno community has always been supportive of me, and this hasn’t changed, even if I’ve transitioned to a new sport. Reno is home to a thriving community of athletes, so I always feel welcomed and right at home when I come back to train and visit.

Even our local newspaper (The Reno Gazette Journal) still keeps tabs on my progressing career (click on the image or here for full article):

RGJ Article

Thanks to Jim Krajewski and RGJ and the many wonderful people in Reno who have been so supportive of this hometown girl over the years!