Brot Is Not Just Bread

by NAA

BrotI’ve heard this before from people who have either lived or traveled in Deutschland: there is nothing like good German bread. Well, I know more about Austrian bread than about German bread, but even so, I must concur. The bread here is more than bread: it’s Brot.

Don’t get me wrong: I’ve had great bread in America, and many different kinds. However, you don’t find the dark, hearty breads that you see here. Brot is THE BOMB.

At the Bakerei, you’ll find big crispy rounds of Brot bigger than your head with dizzying varieties of nuts and seeds and flavors. It’s hearty, too. If there were such a thing as all-terrain bread, it would be Brot.

How best to enjoy das Brot? To get started, I recommend you find a nice Gasthaus or Buschenschank and order Brettljause (pronounced brettle-yowza). They will bring you an assortment of Aufschnitt (cold cuts and cheese), Gemüse(veggies – be weary of the shredded fresh horseradish; thus far I’ve seen it make two grown men cry) and if you’re lucky, some Fett (bacon fat for spreading). All of this to enjoy with the enormous slabs of Brot that arrive at your table along with the goodies. It’s a great way to acquaint yourself with this excellent component of the regional cuisine. Once you go Brot, you won’t go back.