Saturday Morning Coffee Buzz

by NAA

CoffeeIt’s Saturday morning here in Graz. I’m nursing my coffee here at the computer, while David is next to me watching BMX Flatland on YouTube. The current video features a BMX jam in Costa Rica, and the guy is forced to practice inside his apartment (confined to the linoleum of the tiny kitchen) because a band of monkeys has taken over the front yard after he and his friends left out some bananas. Seriously.

We’re easing into the morning, leisurely sipping coffee before working up to the day’s ride. I walked down to the bakery this morning for some fresh pastry, which we shared over a pot of coffee in the kitchen. (I allow myself this indulgence on the weekends; otherwise, I get the day started with some muesli and yogurt thinned with milk – the yogurt here is delicious!) The streets were empty, except for delivery trucks. Our street is part of a larger downtown section of Fusswegs, streets that allow foot traffic only. Vehicles are only allowed from 5-11am, so that’s when all the delivery trucks stock up on baked goods, or drop off newspapers. Even so, the deserted streets felt quiet and warm this morning, and I was the first to step into the bakery around the corner. A fresh start, and a new day. It’s really a lovely feeling.

I love this aspect of living here: we walk everywhere, for everything, on cobblestone streets. To get further out of town, we take the tram, but nearly everything we need is within a five block radius: groceries, bakeries, pharmacies, restaurants, shops, and our language classes.

We slept in this morning – until 7:30, which was as long as we could manage given the racket of pigeons outside the window. Waking to the sound of a birdsong might be pleasant and romantic, so long as the bird isn’t a pigeon, in which case even the most compassionate animal lover could be driven to a daily, frantic loathing of this incessant, insipid noise. David has perfected his impression of them, which is both horrible and hilarious. It’s good to keep a sense of humor about these things.

The day is emerging, quiet and lovely, and promises perfect riding weather. Life is good.