Severe Weather Alerts for Pescadero, CA

by NAA

weather.gifI’m sitting on top of a hill in Pescadero, California, looking out over the frothy chop of a wind blown ocean. Moments ago, the ocean could not be seen for the rain that blurred clouds, wind and sea. Now the rain has ceased, giving way to flowing storm clouds exhausted of their moisture and fury, and a clear view of the ocean, white capped and green with the abrupt ferocity of the storm system. A wall of clouds is visible over the water in the distance, and even as I write, the wind buffets the house and windows and trees around the property. The storm isn’t over, but this powerful moment of clarity has given me pause to appreciate the play of light on clouds rolling by so fast. The light fades as quickly as the wall of clouds on the horizon seems to approach, foretelling more to come.

I’m staying here with my coach, Linda Jackson, for my first block of U.S. racing, and I already love it. The weather has not been the sunny California of which I had dreamed, as you can tell, but the brief spaces between storms have revealed stunning moments of sunshine, plenty for some serious training. Just yesterday, I rode three hours into the foothills of the Santa Cruz mountains between bursts of rain. The sun highlighted fields of daffodils (Linda left a lovely vase of these in my room) and rolling hills glowing almost neon with fresh green grass. I chased a rainbow up Highway 84 and headed back for the coast, taking in the coastline’s rugged cliffs. Stunning.

I managed to get in four hours of solid training with Linda this morning before the storm hit. We had anticipated being soaked from the start, but didn’t see rain until after we’d finished our ride and changed into dry clothes. I love storms, but not while I’m on my bike, so today could not have been more perfect. Now we get to relax by the fire and enjoy the drama of nature unfold in untrammeled violence and beauty.