Things to Do In Southern CA

by NAA

DO: Eat at Famous Dave’s! Our hosts Andrea and Steve Hensler took us out on the town for some tasty BBQ and pecan pie in downtown Redlands after the race. You gotta love anything that advertises with “Fire for Hire!”

Famous Dave\'s BBQ

DO: Ride with the next generation. On Tuesday last week, our small TIBCO contingent in the southern part of the sunshine state rode for close to 40 miles around Newport Beach and Irvine with these kids, and they weren’t soft-pedaling! These guys and gals were hauling over the hills and through the headwinds, taking the corners like pros. We had a blast getting to know them, and helping lead a few of them out for the final sprint. Thanks to Jet Tanner for organizing the ride, and to all the VeloSport Sho-Air riders who came out to join us!

VeloSport Junior Cycling Team

DO: Ride the Space Cycle at UC Irvine! My good friends Jason and Jeanine have been living in Irvine the past couple of years, and I finally got a chance to visit them in their (not-so) new home. Jason’s post-doctoral research involves some work with NASA and the UC Irvine Space Cycle, investigating exercise solutions for astronauts while living in space. The space cycle is essentially a human powered centrifuge: the faster you pedal, the faster you spin and the greater g-force you feel (check out the videos here). The contraption explores whether coupling exercise and artificial gravity in space can help astronauts preserve muscle mass, bone mass and cardiovascular function. I managed to pedal myself up to 3 G’s!

Space Cycle 3 Space Cycle 1

DO: Visit Laguna Beach.

Riding in Laguna Beach

DO: Ride the Ventura Coast.

Rachel on the Ventura Coast

DO: Ride Tiny Bikes.

Our Mechanic Steve Rides a Tiny Bike

DO: Fix your cycling tan lines!

Amber Tan Lines Again Amber Tan Lines

DON’T: Be a Fred and break your rib. I took myself out warming up for the crit on Sunday. I won “Hubbard of the Day” and got to spend several hours in the ER being poked and prodded. I ended up with two stitches, requisite road rash, plenty of gravel in my hair, and a broken rib. Doh.