Photo Narrative

by NAA

Since my last post, I raced in New Mexico, flew to Austria, spent time in Graz, visited Slovenia, then raced in France. Better than boring you with the blow-by-blow accounts of the travels, I offer a photo narrative of the more amusing highlights.

Rushlee downs the last of our Survival Mix at the Tour of the Gila. Little did I know I should have packed a suitcase full of it for the Tour de l’Aude.

While resting up a bit in Graz, David and I stumbled upon this gem: an Irish Pub called O’riginal.


At 400 years of age, this is the oldest vine in the world, which David and I got to see during our visit to Maribor, Slovenia. It still grows grapes from which are made a precious wine.

Team America in France! The U.S. National Team gears up to race at the Tour de l’Aude in the south of France.

We’re on the Mediterranean Coast, but no one is much interested in the beach when there is eating, sleeping and internet surfing to do.

Speedos only in the French pool.

Good thing there is a vending machine to sell them, lest you forget your own!


We moved to a cabin in the mountains during the stages in the Pyrenees. Our cabin came complete with these wildly posh towels.

Our cabins also featured the All In One Bathroom, where you can shower, use the toilet and brush your teeth all at the same time. Amazing!

Hey! I’m relaxing at the beach!

Just kidding. It’s my pillow. We’re still in the Pyrenees, and cold.

Camping is fun! And fashionable.

The internet cafe in Villegly, France. Desperate times call for desperate measures, as we poach a wireless connection from outside the town hall.

This will probably be my most vivid memory of the Tour: fresh Pain served daily.