Apples and Spice and Everything Nice

by NAA

It’s pumpkin season, and while I know apples are so two-months-ago, I can’t help but want to post this delish little dish for my friends at home hankering for some down-home Austrian grub.  I love this salad because it combines two very Styrian ingredients–apples and fresh horseradish, or Kren–and because it is simple, fresh and healthful.

This recipe comes from my friend Barbara Westermeyer, who whipped up a batch for Thomas and me after a very long, very cold training ride through Styrian countryside.  She explained that it is a very typical dish for this region, and I helped myself to a hearty portion and immediately fell for the sweet zing of the unique combination.

Apfel Kren Salat

500g peeled, grated fresh apple (this is roughly 2.5 – 3 cups)

2 TBSP grated fresh Kren (find a fresh root and grate it yourself – worth the effort)

1 TBSP sugar (or less, depending on what apples you use; Fuji or Gala work well)

1 TBSP vinegar (or to taste; white wine and cider vinegar both work well)

Toss all ingredients together and serve.

* If you use sweet apples and less vinegar, you can probably do without any sugar at all. Everything here should really be done to taste, especially the Kren, as some Kren roots are more potent than others.