Sundays Are Delicious

by NAA

When we first moved to Austria, we didn’t fully grasp the concept of Sundays. On Sundays, the whole city effectively shuts down. Shops close, and streets empty.

Coming from a 24 hour town, where one can find a $4.99 steak buffet or an open bowling alley at any hour, we struggled to remember the Sunday factor and regularly found ourselves up a creek without coffee on Sunday (and therefore Monday) mornings. Suffering caffeine withdrawals, we cursed the closed markets and sometimes begrudgingly rode the tram to the Hauptbahnhof, where (hallelujah) we could find a fix at the only Spar open for business on Sundays.

Gradually, we learned to plan ahead vis-à-vis Sundays. Our first Christmas here, knowing stores would be closed the Sunday prior to Christmas Eve, a Monday and also holiday, we brilliantly decided to shop on Saturday to stock up for the next three days, only to discover that we were not the only geniuses in town. We found ourselves packed into checkout lines that reached across the length of the grocery store, making it impossible to shop the deli or the produce section without elbowing our way among the hundreds of other geniuses stuck in line. Bloody brilliant.

Yet despite false starts and a few hiccups along the way, we have accepted our fate and grown to embrace Sundays as they are intended around these parts.

We slow down and luxuriate in simple pleasures.

Sleeping in, fresh coffee, books, home-cooking, movies — these small delights now color our Sundays.

This morning we woke to fresh snow, soft and quiet, perfect for a Sunday.

Inspired by the weather, I decided it was high time for some holiday decor and spent my Sunday morning stringing popcorn while I sipped my coffee and created an eco-friendly and eco-nomic holiday window dressing.

Holiday Window

Sticks = from Stadtpark, 100% biodegradable
Thread = from my old sewing kit
Popcorn = €0,65 from Spar, 100% biodegradable
Jars = reused jam and pickle jars
Candles = leftover votives from last year
Pinecones = from Stadtpark, 100% biodegradable
Lights = €3,00 from a holiday standl in Croatia

Booyah! Homemade terrarium between the window panes!

Popcorn Snow

A little extra light and holiday goodness for this snowy, cozy Sunday.

(images by me)