by NAA

Eiffel Tower

Last October, David and I married each other in Paris. After five months, we’re still getting used to calling each other husband and wife.

This past weekend in Austria on a familiar powder run, snow broke away above my husband, and the ensuing avalanche swept him violently down the mountain.  Except for an injured finger and one lost ski, he emerged unscathed.

The ski patroller at the scene hugged him and said, “Today you celebrate your second birthday.”

To say February has been a dramatic month for us would be to state the obvious. In the first week, I called him from the Persian Gulf to report a broken pelvis. In the last week, he called me from the alps to report a near-death experience.

Hopefully we can call it even.

I spent some time yesterday going through our photos from Paris — not the fancy wedding ones, but the funny, silly wonderful moments we captured in our first week of marriage.  I’m posting a few here in gratitude for good memories and with hope for many more to come. Call it a study in perspective.

Saint Germain

(images by me)

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