by NAA

The victory salute — it’s a classic pose that captures a moment of triumph; two hands in the air and a face of joy crossing the finish line. Sponsors love the victory salute. What sponsor doesn’t want to be associated with a winner? None. It’s the truth.

Nevertheless, I would like to point out another obvious truth: the victory at the finish line is preceded by countless other triumphs, most of which aren’t nearly as pretty as The Win. I’m referring to such small triumphs as motivating to train in nasty weather, or crushing a set of intervals that hurt like hell. When you get home from that nasty ride in the rain, no one is there to cheer, or to hand you flowers. When you crush those intervals that you were dreading, no one hands you a pretty white envelope of prize money.

But when you finally do get The Win, you know, more than anybody else, that those small triumphs are what makes The Win so sweet.

This is what I love about HTFU, a new athletic gear company that emphasizes the spirit of daily challenge and daily triumph; the kinds of challenges and triumphs that lead to The Win and that should not be lost in the glamor and hype of The Win.

HTFU stands for Harden The F— Up. It’s true. And, yes, you should.

This is the attitude that stops you in your tracks the moment you begin to feel sorry for yourself. I have to train in this weather? HTFU. I have to do what intervals today? HTFU. It’s simple, it’s straightforward, and it’s effective as hell.

The HTFU mantra emphasizes the process of becoming better — a better athlete, a better person. HTFU is about honing your personal integrity and inner strength, day in and day out.

Of course the folks of HTFU love The Win as much as anybody else, but their philosophy sets them apart from other athletic brands, because it embodies all of those private (but no less significant) victories that make The Win so effing sweet.

I am proud to represent this company and to be a part of the community of athletes they inspire. HTFU.

Rain Ride

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