Extraordinary Ordinary Moments

by NAA

It began as a very humdrum tram ride en route to some very humdrum errands. I let myself be lulled by the gentle motion of the old Strassenbahn and the soothing voice over the loudspeaker:

Nächste Haltestelle, Puntigam. Umsteigen zu den Linien…

We trundled through the tunnel in the waning dusk, and what would ordinarily be nothing more than a grotty old underpass for a moment became this:

Tram Tunnel At Dusk

then this…

Columns in Tunnel

And as I climbed the stairs away from the Haltestelle, I glanced back at the station and saw this:

Haltestelle at Dusk

A tram ride… who knew?

(images by me)