by NAA

Welcome back to what I should probably refer to as my Off-Season Blog. The race season leaves little time for blog posts; hence the dry spell. But I’m back and hope to post more regularly this fall and winter. I also recently started a column (“Anywhere Road”) over at Triple Crankset, and if you’re interested, you can check it out here.

We live about three blocks from the Opera House, which is a magnificent building. We’ve been to the opera twice since moving here.  Zauberflöte was in German before we knew much more than how to say guten-Tag-meine-Name-ist, and La Bohème was in Italian with German subtitles. We enjoyed the music.

More relevant to daily life is what lies a few steps beyond the Opera house: the Bauernmarkt (farmer’s market) at Kaiser Josef Platz. It. Is. Awesome.

This farmer’s market probably doesn’t differ much from others in the area, or really from the spirit of any farmer’s market anywhere. People from all over bring home-grown veggies (wedgies!), herbs, flowers, and fruits. They bake breads and sweets and ferment just about anything (including pine cones) into all manner of paint-peeling-gut-warming libations, hand-labeled in slender glass bottles with corks.

What makes this bauernmarkt special is that I’m not from Austria, so some of what is commonplace at this market looks tantalizingly exotic to me.  Chopped meats in jello, fresh Spätzle, white Kren, Knödel, Lärcherl, Käferbohnen, Schafkäse… it’s a whole new culinary world every week, and it continues to change with the seasons.

Today, I was inspired by the elegant, orange-fluted Eierschwammerl (chanterelles). They grow like crazy in these parts. A friend of ours lives up in the mountains and picks them on hikes for fun. When restaurants run out, they send someone with a flashlight and a basket out the back door and into the woods to pick more. I got an excellent price on a huge bunch of these babies and will cook them up with a little salt and butter.


Note the bits of moss and pine needles — straight from the woods to our kitchen.

I don’t visit this market nearly as often as I would like, so to motivate more of these delightful trips, I’m going to do a weekly Bauernmarkt post. I’ll snap some pics from each weekly trip to the market and do a post about some of the fun offerings to be found there.

Today I found these festive, autumn beauties — red, orange and yellow carrots. So schön ist Herbst!

Red Carrots

Orange Carrots

Yellow Carrots

{images by me}