Lighten Up

by NAA

The dismal gray skies of late are cramping my style. Even at midday, our living room window no longer suffices: lamps are needed to supplement the pittance of natural light struggling through the stranglehold of fog over Styria. I’m fighting back with a blog make-over.

By make-over I mean switching themes on WordPress — nothing quite as creative as C. Valentín’s designs, but enough of a change to feel brighter and refreshed. (CV- let me know when you start working with WordPress!)

In other news, a new Anywhere Road column is now live on Triple Crankset. My goal with Anywhere Road is to give an insider’s perspective on cycling, beyond the standard race report. Please give it a read and submit your comments. I want to know what you think and what topics you’d like to see covered in future columns.

With that, I’ll leave you with a shot from Saturday’s bike ride, a four hour loop from Austria through Hungary and Slovenia and back into Austria. No border stops necessary, thanks to Shengen.

Brick House

[image by me]