Anywhere Road: Moment of Clarity

by NAA

Here is a snippet of my latest column on Anywhere Road:

…. I hadn’t had Good Legs in more than a year. Sure, I’d had Fit Legs and Pretty Good Legs, which if raced with cunning can still yield a win. But that day, for the first time in a long time, I really (as affirmed by my powermeter) had Good Legs.

I didn’t want to stop riding, but began to lose daylight. I hit one last climb and paused near the top. Below me rows of olive trees cast lavender shadows across the hill, sloping down to the Mediterranean. The sun hung low on the horizon, its glow refracted red across the Tuscan landscape, which slipped into warm hues as New Year’s Day 2011 ebbed slowly out to sea.

Visions of the past twelve months flashed through my mind—pushing a walker through the hospital in Qatar, tedious hours of physical therapy, my first race win of the year in Bischofshofen, among others. In many moments I’d felt utterly crushed and hopeless, but with a lot of support and stubborn perseverance, met each challenge, and finally here I stood—happy, grateful and on Good Legs.

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